Mission & Vision Statements

postcard of churchbMission & Vision Statements

Vision Statement:

Be the hands of God in all we do, the voice of God in all we say, and the heart of God to those we serve.

Mission Statement:

Welcoming all to praise and worship Jesus Christ. We strive for spiritual growth through learning and understanding God’s Word. We value the importance of involvement by being a beacon of faith and compassion in the community.

Discipleship Process:

The Discipleship Process of Penningtonville Church involves inviting people to Come & Learn about who God is and who we are in relationship to God in Worship. The next step in the Discipleship Process is becoming a part of one of the Community Formation Groups, where individuals are connected to a group who are gathered to Share & Grow in their faith journey. We continue to develop as disciples as we seek ways of becoming involved in Mission & Outreach Opportunities. Mission & Outreach Opportunities provide us with ways to Go & Serve in a variety of different places using a variety of different gifts. This Discipleship Process never ends, but rather continues to evolve as we as disciples continue to Come & Learn in Worship; as we continue to Share & Grow in Community Formation Groups; and as we continue to Go & Serve through Mission & Outreach Opportunities.


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